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How to Support Gut Health in Bubs

  The gut microbiome is malleable until approximately three years of age, when it stabilizes and more closely resembles an adult microbiome. (1) Research has shown that nurturing your baby’s microbiome in these first years may present a particularly important opportunity to ensure improved lifelong health for your bub. (1) Here are some tips to […]

How Much Salt Should Your Toddler Eat?

Salt is painted as a villain in the media, but it’s actually essential for your health. However, too much salt is just as bad as too little; how much should your toddler be eating? Table salt has two components, chloride and sodium. These two chemical elements are naturally occurring, and you need them to function. […]

Gut health and why it’s important to look after it

What is gut health? The human gut microbiome is made up of trillions of microbes and play a critical role in human health. (1) When we talk about gut health, we are actually referring to the entire digestive tract. This means that the topic of gut health actually encompasses the composition of the gut microbiome, […]

What are Synbiotics?

Mim’s Goat Milk Formula Blends – Synbiotics Synbiotics, the new buzz word in the world of gut health, but what are they? Synbiotics are a combination of probiotics and prebiotics and have been associated with a wide range of health benefits. (1) What are Prebiotics? Prebiotics occur naturally in plant foods but can also be […]

Synbiotics and gut health

  More than a trillion, mostly good, microbes live within our digestive systems and make up what is collectively called the gut microbiome. A growing body of evidence suggests our gut microbiome is responsible for vital functions like gut health and plays a major role in immune health. Right from birth, a baby’s gut microbiome […]